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A2 German Listening Practice (Fun, Guided, and Interesting)

Fun Guided A2 German Listening Practice

Once you're past the foundational learning of the A1 level of German you're probably ready to listen to something more interesting.

Something constructive, positive. Something that piques your interest.

The A1 level materials don't go very deep. Because they can't.

At A2 you can explore more topics and you'll start to listen to German in a different way.

But you don't want to go too far and get overwhelmed.

If the regular news is too hard and too scary for you, a good solution might be Stube Radio.

Who can learn with Stube Radio?

Everyone can learn with Stube Radio! There are three different levels of Stube Radio:

  • A1 is for A1 learners and is mainly in the present tense

  • A2 is for A1.2-A2 level learners who know the Perfekt and some Präteritum

  • B1-C2 is the original text and is recorded at a pace good for German learners, not for German speakers (like the regular news)

Every element of it is made with your learning in mind so you get consistent, high quality listening and reading practice which adds to your learning without overwhelming you. That's why I personally select each article, adapt it, and record the audios.

What are the topics of Stube Radio episodes?

The audios and PDFs are selected news items from the German Press Agency, however they are not negative news items. They are meaningful, constructive, or exploratory and are directly related to your German learning. Episodes will cover a wide variety of topics like cultural life in Germany, history, art and artists, soccer, technology, geography, and music.

The first two articles are:

  1. 1500 Bleistifte für Deutschland, about an artist named ANTOINETTE and the massive piece of art she's created using only colored pencils

  2. Deutschlands Welt der Falter erstmals in einem Atlas, about a new atlas with extensive scientific information about Germany's many butterflies

Other topics in the line-up are about an Enigma found recently on the ocean floor and Tesla opening the world's largest battery factory near Berlin.

How can I use Stube Radio to improve my listening comprehension?

You can start it all off with a very short course to make the most out of your Stube Radio listening. In it, you'll learn the listening method I have taught hundreds of other students who all understand and thus speak a lot more German now. It's appropriately entitled "How to Get the Most Out of Stube Radio" and it covers:

  • das Material: How to Choose Which Version to Listen to, A1, A2 or B1-C2
  • die Hörmethode: the Listening Method
  • etwas Grammatik: How to Deal with Weird German News Grammar (Konjunktiv I)
  • die Technologie: Listen to Stube Radio on Your Phone or on Your Computer or Tablet.
  • Hilfe: Where to Ask Questions and get Help

How do I listen to the audios?

You will have two ways of listening to Stube Radio:

  1. you can log in to the website on your computer or tablet

  2. you can set up Stube Radio as a private podcast on your device using your personal link

Or both! You will find set-up information in the course.

You'll also be able to comment directly on the article in the website (or ask a question) and I'll respond personally.

Ich bin dabei! ~ I'm in! How do I get started?

Stube Radio is currently available for private lesson clients.

Please click here to read more about taking one-to-one lessons with Frau Warner.

Fun, Guided German Listening Practice
The GermanWithNicole.com Podcast is here!


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