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Practice German Weekly With Nicole

Practice German Weekly reading writing listening speaking

Most German learners get online and they search for a topic in German and they fall down a rabbit hole.

They become completely overwhelmed.

Some learners carry on, head held high, and create some regular learning routine, but they can't figure out how to speak German on their own.

Too many people love German, but hate learning it.

Because they don't have consistent, guided practice at their level.

...but they could. And so could you.

You can practice reading and writing in German every week.

You could practice speaking twice a month.

You could practice listening with two new audios every month.

The writing, reading, and speaking takes place in "die gute Stube," the name for our private, Discord server. (I chose to use Discord because it's private.)

The listening exercises are called "Stube Radio" and they are in the website or you can set them up as a private podcast with your own, personal link.

Stube Radio is brand new and it begins July 1!


Is Weekly German Practice for me?

Weekly German Practice is for you if you love German and you want to practice the German you know

If you want to learn from and with other German learners and you want to learn German that goes beyond the textbook standards, it's for you.

If your schedule changes frequently or you simply need flexibility, this is a great solution for you.

If you LOVE German and want to hate it less, it's for you.

Check out the Weekly German Practice With Nicole by clicking here. You'll go to a page with all the information on it so you can decide for yourself.

Read more about Weekly German Practice With Nicole



Practice German Weekly reading writing listening speaking pin

Jein = ja + nein
Fun, Guided German Listening Practice for Levels A1-C2


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