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How to Give a German Learner a Seat in "die gute Stube"

Give a German Learner Gift

The email delivery on this gift is so fast.

Trying to send gifts this year is a challenge. We can be really grateful for all the fantastic people working hard to get our packages to their destinations, that's for sure.

Sometimes sending them is a different story, however. Yesterday I stopped at the Post Office to send off a package and as soon as I approached the door I realized it wasn't the best time. It was 11 a.m. and the line (physically distanced, of course) was all the way to the front door.


If only it were possible to send physical gifts through email!

You won't have that problem with this gift, however. You can give this gift via email and do it directly on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day!

In fact, you might want to do this directly on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day because the recipient will see the email almost immediately.

Here's How to Give a Seat in "die gute Stube" in 3 Easy Steps:

1. Click the button at the bottom of this article to go to the "die gute Stube" page and read more, or you can click here to go directly to the payment form.

2. Fill in your information; under the address field check the box "This product is for someone else" and more fields will appear. Fill in the participant's information.

3. Complete your purchase by clicking "Complete purchase" and your recipient will be notified right away.

To the "die gute Stube" page


If you want to give the gift for a specific period of time instead of ongoing, you can choose when to have the recipient take over the subscription. It's easy-peasy and if you have any questions, I'll help you.


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Rafael Ochoa

hola Nicole, por favor ..
Envíeme el costo del curso y cómo puedo pagar

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Nicole Warner

Hola Rafael, todo es aquí (en ingles): https://www.germanwithnicole.com/page/181008

Es mejor si ya hablas alemán (it's best if you speak some German already).

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