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Introducing: die gute Stube. A Private Community for German Learners

Discord Cover die gute Stube

«Die gute Stube» is an online community for German learners to chat and converse in German with one another.

We practice writing and speaking in German together.

This is the German practice you've been looking for.

In Germany "die gute Stube" is the restaurant that's the soul of the town--the restaurant you take your friends and family to when they visit. This online "gute Stube" goes with you, wherever you are.


Practice your German writing and speaking.

  • Writing prompts every Tuesday help you practice your writing.
  • Twice-monthly conversations help you speak with more confidence when you practice with other, supportive learners.

German writing practice is split into different channels. To the left you'll see the current  channels in die gute Stube.

If you are an A1-A2 level-learner, then you can stick to the A1-A2 channel.

If you're a B1-C1 learner, then you can write in the B1-C1 channel and participate in the A1-A2 channel, too.

Occasionally the prompt is in the "Alles" channel and everyone responds to that prompt.

Do you want to share your favorite German word? That goes in #die-besten-wörter.

And if you watch Nicos Weg, then #nicosweg is your place to chat all things Nico.


das Zusammensein

Are you learning German on your own? Or do you simply want speaking and writing practice? We want you to join in.

Do you want to freshen up your German? Or deepen what you've been working on in your German class? There's a seat here for you.



This is a relaxed, 30-minute conversation with other German learners that takes place right in die gute Stube. For help I write in helpful vocabulary words and expressions in the #plauderstündchen channel. That way you can always go back and refer to it.

You don't have to wait for a Plauderstündchen, though, because you and another German learner can meet in #Deutsch reden any time and hang out and practice your German.


Join by November 30th, 2020 and I'll send you a free word search on the topic of "Stube," too.

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Gift a Seat in die gute Stube

Yes, you can gift someone a seat in die gute Stube. Simply select "This product is for someone else" and fill in the participant's information.

Your recipient will be notified as soon as you click "Complete Purchase," so you might need to wait until Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. ;-)

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P.S. No, there won't be a Black Friday offer for die gute Stube. Machen Sie etwas für Ihre Gesundheit und gehen Sie raus! Do something for your health: go outside. ;)


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