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Was denken Sie? Was wollen Sie lernen?

Tell Nicole What You Think

How often do you get to tell your German teacher what you want to learn?

If your answer is "not that often," today's your lucky day.

Would you answer eight questions for me? They're mainly questions with check-the-box answers like:

  • Why are you learning German?
  • What do you like the most about GermanWithNicole?
  • What kinds of German learning are you most interested in?

And of course there's room for you to ask questions, share ideas, and tell me more about your German learning experiences.

It's done as a worksheet so all the answers stay here within the website.

Receive a free word search as a thank you

When you complete the worksheet you'll also receive a free word search made by me, Nicole, especially as a thank you. Your time and your input are valuable, so that's the very least I can do.

Here's the worksheet, it's only open for a short time, so...click the button to answer the questions.

Los geht's! Here we go!


***The survey has closed and it provided me with such great ideas and inspiration! Herzlichen Dank!***


José Zuniga Aug 3, 2020 09:52am

My name is Jose, and I am learning German On myself, but I find it difficult. Well sometimes I dedicate three or four hours per day and I haven’t made that much progress. I hope to find a way to go faster.

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Guten Morgen José! Danke für Ihren Kommentar. It sounds like you need a more efficient way of working. I'll have something for learners like you soon. Are you on the E-Post list? (https://www.germanwithnicole.com/page/141066) That's where I'll announce it.

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