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Take a Free Course on How to Learn a Foreign Language (Like German!)

Take a Free Course on How to Learn a Foreign Language Like German

Has anyone ever actually taught you HOW to learn a foreign language?

I bet not.

Would you like to learn it now, for free?

Or would you prefer to stumble around in the dark, potentially for years, getting nowhere?

If you'd like to learn it now, for free, then here's good news for you!

You can take this free course online today.

No strings attached.


This Course Teaches You What to Look For and What to Avoid

You can take the information from this course and apply it to any language you'd like to learn.

This course is packed with valuable knowledge that I've gained from almost 20 years of teaching foreign languages, 2 teaching certifications and 1 German language certification (C2/mastery).

If I were to place a value on this course it would be $157.

That's how much of my knowledge I packed into this one course.

So many of the actions you need to take are the same, whether you want to learn Portuguese, Punjabi, or German. I've put all the elements together for you so you know what to expect and how to recognize when a course doesn't meet or maybe exceeds your expectations.

There's one worksheet to download and print out. Simply fill it in as you go through the course and refer back to it when you decide to look for a language class or private lessons.


How to learn foreign language German_cover.png

This course includes the following sections:


  1. Myth-busting

  2. How to find quality instruction and quality learning materials

  3. Why I don't give grades (ever)

  4. The Six Parts of Learning a Foreign Language

  5. Quality Habits to Give Yourself

  6. How to make. it. yours.


And all of that in less than one hour.


This Free Course is Part of Something Big and Valuable

This is a completely free course made available to you via the Simplero Share Project.

Simplero is the company that built and develops the powerful software for this website. With Simplero you can run a website, publish a blog, sell eBooks and run a membership site.

If you've been reading this blog for any length of time you'll know it was a big change when the site moved to Simplero in March of this year. Unfortunately the news of the new website was swallowed up whole by global events, but did I let that stop me?

No way.

A month ago Simplero announced to their customers (that's me) that they'd like to create a project to share free courses.

And wow did we respond!

There are dozens of free courses available and together they are worth over $20,000 in value.

One of those is my course. You can take a full body workout, learn email marketing or how to play the piano. You can give your spirituality a boost. There are even courses in Danish and Swedish!


It's all free.

What do you have to lose?

What do you stand to gain?

To take the course "How to Learn a Foreign Language (Like German!) click this button to go directly to the sign-up page. You only need to enter your name and email address.


Take me to Nicole's course, please.


If you'd like to browse all the classes available, then click this button.


I'd like to explore the Simplero Share Project


Ich wünsche Ihnen viel, viel Spaß!


P.S. If you like that course, you're going to love what's coming up next at GermanWithNicole.com.



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