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Welcome to the New GermanWithNicole.com

Welcome new site

Herzlich Willkommen zur neuen Website!

Welcome to the new website!

This is an all-new website and I'm absolutely delighted to share it with you. Here's what's new:

New Logo & Graphics

This main part of the website, everything accessible normally on the internet, will now have this flower logo in "royal fuchsia." Yes, that's really the name of that color. My fantastic new Virtual Assistant created all the logos and graphics. She did a bang-up job, really impressive.

There are other versions of this logo, namely the teal flower logo, which you'll see in the Klub, and there is a violet version of it for clients. Here's what they look like side-by-side:

 gwnlogo-small.png     GWNLogoKLUB.png     GWNLogoCLIENT.png


Pretty spiffy, eh?


New Menu, New Pages

The menu has changed a bit; the order is different from before and the menu is now mainly in English with a bit of German.

New Germanic Products Page

For those of you who are looking for Germanic Products and Services in the United States, I've curated a page especially for you! To read about Products and Services from German, Austrian, and Swiss companies which operate or sell in the United States, check out the »Produkte« page here.


New Downloads

A1 German Sentence Structure Guide

There are two new downloads available for you, too. First there's the A1 German Sentence Structure Guide, which is a complete, one-page guide to all of the sentence structure at the A1 level of German. Check that one out here.

Quick Guide to the »W-Fragen«

Secondly there's an updated version of the Quick Guide to the »W-Fragen«, one of the most popular downloads on my site. Check out this Quick Guide here.


And of course there's more coming soon.

The entire website is available to you now. I am still fixing some broken links, so if you run into a broken link or an article that needs updating, please use the "Customer Service" link at the bottom left of this page.


Ich freue mich, dass Sie hier sind!  I'm so happy you're here!



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