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6 Jahre! 6 Years of GermanWithNicole.com

6 Jahre 6 Years of GermanWithNicole.com

I've never forgotten important dates like my best friend's birthday, but this year I started forgetting a few things.

One of those things I forgot? The 6-year anniversary of this business. July 1, 2019 was the SIXTH year anniversary of GermanWithNicole.com!


When I began, I had no idea what this might turn into. I started teaching one client online and then within a relatively short period of time, I had enough clients that it turned into a real, part-time job (and I was working another part-time job, too). One of the things these first clients appreciated was the individual attention and I have kept up with that ever since. This is a place to get your questions answered. This is a place to really learn to speak German.

I've learned *so* much already about running my own business, about being an entrepreneur.

Being an entrepreneur means you have a different view of how things should work, that things should develop quickly because things needn't stand in your way, and also that you can create what I call the culture of your business. The culture of my business is very different than other German classes and lessons and that starts with making this a professional venture.

Here I want people to learn to speak German, not just talk about it. Week after week, month after month I hear story after story of people who learned to read German literature in college but they can't hold a conversation in German. Folks show up for tutoring who are in a beginning German class and they're being asked to learn something that's actually at an intermediate level. Das macht mich wahnsinnig! If you are paying your good, hard-earned money (or your valuable student loan money!) to take a German class, you better darn well be acquiring skills for communicating in German.


Acquire German skills here: Check out the classes and lessons available here at GermanWithNicole.com.

Das heißt auch sechs Jahre mit Connor

Last year, for the 5th anniversary of my business, I made you some Connor memes, but it seems many of you haven't seen them yet. Connor, my orange tabby, is pretty funny and you should know how funny he is, too, so I made you a few Connor memes. Connor is a companion, a mascot, and a comedian all in one.

Hier ist Connor "bei der Arbeit".

Manchmal hilft Connor mir bei der Arbeit. Er "organisiert" Papiere, schmeist meine Stifte auf den Boden und läuft auf den Schreibtisch herum.

Connor hilft


Wenn Connor nicht auf den Schreibtisch herum läuft, schläft er im Büro. Manchmal schläft er auf dem Boden, was eigentlich für ihn gefährlich werden kann. (Connor likes to live dangerously.)

Connor lebt gern gefährlich


Weil er eine Katze ist, sitzt er einfach dort, wo er passt. Manchmal ist das in einer Tasche!


die Katze im Sack


Und manchmal sagt er mir wenn es Zeit ist, Feierabend zu machen. Check out at the look on his face!


Connor will Feierabend machen


Manchmal muss ich aufhören zu arbeiten, weil er auf dem Schreibtisch schläft. Dann darf man die Katze nicht stören, genau wie man in einem Hotel die andere Gäste nicht stören darf.


Bitte nicht stören


Jetzt, das ich einen Stehschreibtisch habe, schläft er gerne zwischen dem hinteren Teil und der Tastatur. Er will wirklich nicht gestört werden, und bittet mich um noch fünf Minuten Schlaf...


Noch fünf Minuten




~Ihre Nicole



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