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Recap: German, the Language of Love

Recap German The Language of Love

Dienstag Abend war es so weit! Und es hat so viel Spaß gemacht.

Tuesday evening was it! And it was so fun!

This was the first Sprechseminar (speaking seminar) and it was a blast! If you're thinking about joining us for a future Sprechseminar, this will give you a behind-the-scenes look that I hope will inspire you to join us in the future.

First we talked about the vocab we already know for "die Liebe." Words like die Rose, Süßer, das Herz and schmusen came up.

Then we got to the Kosenamen, the pet names. That. was. epic.

Kosenamen auf Deutsch

Wie viele Kosenamen gibt es im Deutschen? Was denken Sie?

How many pet names are there in German? What do you think? I found a list. Many lists, in fact.

Es gibt hunderte.

There are hundreds.

Kennen Sie Hasi? Oder Igelchen? Oder Schmetterling?

These are all words to do with animals and Germans use them as pet names. And there are so many, many more...


Aber das ist nicht alles! But that's not all!

We even worked through a German love song and now everyone knows another German song. You can sing it to your partner, your spouse, or even your pet.

Pets are animals, animals are used as pet names in German, and see? It all comes full circle. ;-)



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