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Secret Benefit #3 to Learning German

Secret Benefit #3 to Learning German.png

Herzlich Willkommen zurück to “Secret Benefits to Learning German!”

This is the third and final installation in a three-part series on what I think are benefits to learning German that you might not have heard of or thought of yourself.

Up until now I’ve only shared these ideas with clients, so this is a look behind the curtain…and I think you'll like this one in particular.

Secret #3: Make More Money

Can learning a foreign language, specifically German, help you make more money?

This article from Money.com says “Ja.”

And I do, too.

This is something I’ve read time and time again: anything that connects you to the German economy can help boost your income over your lifetime. So whatever you do that connects you to the German economy, no matter what, you will have a little (or perhaps a big) financial boost coming from somewhere due to that connection.

What connects you to the German economy? Could it be

  • your language skills?
  • German-speaking customers you work with at your company?
  • a company you buy supplies from?
  • your car?
  • the tools you use for your job, be it as an artist or an engineer?

This seems like kind of a magical, mystical effect of being a German speaker, however I think these are true economic factors at play. So what are those factors?

Is it your affinity for organization and effective planning?

Is it the direct communication that Germans value, and that rubbed off on you in your German lessons?

Does the strict differentiation between work time and personal time present in many Germanic companies make you more productive and less prone to distractions?

Is it that you decided to study in Germany and don't have $35,000 of student loan debt to pay off? (Haha, I had to throw that in there.)


A client of mine once told me he had done research on which foreign language benefits you the most in your career and he said that while other languages were good boosts to earnings, German was by far the highest.

Of course I’d prefer it if you learn German here with me, however I’d be delighted if you learned any foreign language. And find out if it gives you an income boost.




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