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Was ist neu hier? Drei Dinge sind neu.

Was ist neu hier_ Drei Dinge sind neu..png

What's new at GermanWithNicole in 2020? Three things.

Frohes neues Jahr allerseits!

Ich freue mich sehr, dass wir uns hier in 2020 treffen, und dass Sie dabei sind. Es gibt einige Neuigkeiten hier und ich hoffe, dass Sie dieses Jahr noch viel Deutsch lernen!


Happy New Year, everyone!

I'm really happy that we're all here together in 2020 and that you're reading this. There are a few newsworthy items and I hope that you will learn loads of German this year!


1. 20% Rabatt auf Deutsch Perfekt  Save 20% on Deutsch Perfekt

Deutsch Perfekt has a partner program now, which means that I can give you a special link that will save you 20% on your Deutsch Perfekt subscription!

If you're new to Deutsch Perfekt, it is a magazine you can subscribe to and it is written specifically to help you learn German. There are 14 issues per year and you can subscribe to the magazine, the digital magazine, the Übungsheft (exercise workbook), and/or the audio trainer.

Here's the breakdown:

Sprachmagazin  Magazine

The regular magazine is usually EUR 110,60 and you only pay EUR 88,48. (There may be extra postage due for international mail.)

Sprachmagazin + Übungsheft  Magazine + exercise workbook

This workbook coordinates with the vocabulary and grammar topics in each magazine issue. Usually EUR 179,80, for you it's EUR 143,36


Each audio trainer is approximately an hour of audio training to help you with your pronunciation and vocabulary. Usually EUR 180,60, for you it's EUR 144,48.

Here's the special link which gets you 20% off Deutsch Perfekt (referral/affiliate link):

Save 20% on Deutsch Perfekt


2. Coming soon: new colors & graphics

It was a good time to revamp the colors and graphics you see here on the blog. Currently the plan is to get everything uploaded and in use in February 2020, so it's really close already.

I think you'll like the fresh colors and the combinations. The whole color scheme will be cohesive and there's a new logo in the works, too. I've never had a definite logo for this business before, and I think it's time. Es ist an die Zeit.

So when you come visit the site and read blog posts in February, be prepared for a whole new color scheme!

3. Visit the new classes page



There is now a classes page for current and upcoming German classes. So not only can you take private lessons, but you can take classes and learn German with other learners.

Visit the German Classes Page


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