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3 Easy German Christmas Cookies to Try

3 Easy Christmas Cookies to Try

Do these words sound like they would be delicious when baked together?

der Zimt

das Ei

die Mandel

der Puderzucker

If so, you're in for a treat. (See what I did there?)

Here are three easy Christmas cookie recipes you can try baking at home, one each from a website in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Viel Vergnügen!

 1. Vanillekipferl von GuteKüche.at

GuteKueche.at calls itself «Das österreichische Gourmet-Portal» and I've been on their mailing list for several months now. It's quite enjoyable to read a food newsletter in German, from a German website and it contains next to no Denglisch! JUHU!

Vanillekipferl are classic Christmas cookies in the German-speaking world. They're easy to make and probably a delight to make with your friends.

Klicken Sie hier für das Rezept für Vanillekipferl.

Cookie shapes

2. Zimtsterne von Chefkoch.de

If you were in my «Dezember in Deutschland» class here in Milwaukee two years ago, this is the recipe you got in the class. It can be a bit difficult, however it contains no wheat because it uses ground almonds. It's a wonderful cookie for winter and is a fairly quick bake.

Klicken Sie hier für das Zimtsternerezept.

3. Weihnachtlicher Nusskuss von Gutekueche.ch

This "nut kiss" is more a bar than a cookie and looks delicious! It's more involved than the other two recipes, however it looks quite rewarding.

Note here that the recipe calls for «Mehlsorte 405». This means "flour type 405," and as far as I know, flour manufacturers in the US don't give out which types of flour they produce. If you know what type 405 is, please email me via the contact form and I'll update this post.

Klicken Sie hier für das Rezept für den weihnachtlicher Nusskuss.

Ihnen wünsche ich viel Spaß beim Backen!


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