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Was war im Klub im November?

Was war im Klub im November_.png

Und was gibt es im Dezember?

The GermanWithNicole Klub is a membership site I introduced on October 1 and there you can read news articles, download activities like crossword puzzles and learn more German grammar with activities I've created just for you.

It's fun to give you the highlights of what activities people received in November and December.

There are only 3 activities per month, unless it's a 5-week month, then there are 4 activities, and there is always one week off per month. This way you get a chance to finish an activity, repeat something, take time to learn some more vocabulary words, or to simply take a little break.

Here's a little overview of the activities from November and some of them for December (but not all of them ;) ).

Oh yeah, and in case you haven't heard, I'm moving the Klub to a new platform and it's going to be fantastisch! If you want to find out when it opens, then click here to sign up for the waiting list.

Das waren die Aktivitäten im November:

Ordinalzahlen und Daten im Nominativ

This activity used cardinal numbers exclusively in the nominative case. There's a review of the cardinal numbers (z.B. erste, zweite, dritte), an activity and an answer key.

Feiertage! Ordinalzahlen im Dativ (mit Audio)

This is a really fun exercise! Instead of just beating the grammar drum, this activity is all about holidays and where they fall in the calendar. In addition to the text, the exercise and the answer key, I recorded an audio that you can then listen to the text and practice along with it. This is the first step in making the Klub multimedia to reach as many of you as possible using the different ways you learn.

Nachricht: «Unchristliche Zeiten? Weihnachtsmärkte immer früher»

The German Press Agency dpa has generously agreed to allow use of their articles in the Klub. I choose a news article and I simplify it for A1 readers, make the original version available in the Klub for readers at level A2 and up, and create activities based on them.

With increasing "holiday creep" every year (e.g. Christmas candy...before Halloween? Are you serious, retailers?!?!), I thought this was a timely article to post in the Klub. This article includes a simplified version, the original version, a worksheet, and the answer key.

Adventsideen 2019

This article has a couple of ideas for how to include German Advent traditions in your Advent and Christmas celebrations. I can't get any more specific than that, because it's all for Klub members, but I can say the pictures I found for this article were so schön!

This was final activity for November, as the 29th of November was the beginning of a Verbesserungswoche, a week to catch up or take a break.

Und was gibt es im Dezember?

So far there is only one activity in the Klub, a vocabulary list for baking. I can't give away the rest, but you might well imagine what another December activity will be...



N.B. the Klub is closed, so check out the classes and lessons available here at.


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