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Was war im Klub im Oktober? Aktivitäten im Herbst

Was war im Klub im Oktober.png

For those of you who are new to GermanWithNicole.com, you have a wide variety of activities to choose from here.

You can read the blog posts, download printables and find excellent resources that I've recommended.

You can sign up for the Klub and learn German on your own schedule.

You can sign up to take private lessons and get one-on-one instruction for the price of a community college course.

The Klub is new to everyone this month so it's a good time for you to find out what was in the Klub already and what was new this month.

Los geht's!

First, new Klub members had immediate acces to all the pre-set activities:
  • BINGO: allgemeines Deutsch.
  • Wie mache ich Karteikärtchen? - a how-to
  • Wortsuche: Freizeitaktivitäten
  • Wie schreibe ich Kommentare? - a how-to
  • Wie lerne ich Vokabeln? - an extensive article on how to learn vocab
  • Vokabelliste: Freizeitaktivitäten
  • Warum lernen Sie Deutsch? - einen Kommentar schreiben
And now, once a week, Mitglieder receive an email with the new activity announcement in it. The first two were two parts of an activity called "Aktivitäten im Herbst."

Aktivitäten im Herbst: Teil 1

Members received a PDF with two lists on it of activities to be done inside or outside in fall. There was space for translations into other languages, however there was also space to add a few activities. Then members were given the opportunity to think about when and with whom they do these activities.

Aktivitäten im Herbst: Teil 2

In the second week now Members are writing a couple of drafts of a text about their favorite fall activities based on an example which I wrote for them. There were also specific points for them to look for to correct their texts.

Members can then write their text as a comment on the Klub article and receive helpful feedback from me.

Was gibt es im November?

Ahhhh, I'm so glad you asked. November happens to be my favorite month in terms of planning for the Klub. We'll be covering

  • Ordinalzahlen (cardinal numbers)
  • a song (You know I'm a professional singer, right? Stay tuned.)
  • Advent

Wir sehen uns im November!

 N.B. the Klub has closed, so please check out the classes and lessons available here at GermanWithNicole.com.


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