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Der Klub ist eröffnet! The Klub is Open!

Der Klub ist eröffnet Klub is Open.png

Sie haben darauf gewartet und jetzt ist er hier: der Klub ist eröffnet!

You've been waiting and now it's here: the Klub is open!

The GermanWithNicole Klub is open to the first seven countries* and I'm so excited to help all of you learn more German and have an enjoyable time doing so!

If you want to learn more German at your own pace with clear explanations and easy-to-understand activities, then the Klub is for you!

Get all the details here on this page.

The best news is, if you sign up now as a founding member, then not only do you get to join the Klub first, at the lowest price it will ever be, but you also get a special, bonus eBook I've written just for you.

Check out the GermanWithNicole Klub now to find out more and become a founding member!

If you have any questions at all about what the Klub is and how you can learn German at your pace, simply email me and let me know and I'll get right back to you.

Wir sehen uns im Klub!  See you in the Klub!

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* The first seven countries are, in alphabetical order: Australia, Canada, Liechtenstein, Philippines, South Africa, Switzerland and the United States. If your country isn't on this list yet, hit reply and tell me which country I should open next.


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