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New in 2018: Diction Coachings and Easy German Book Club!

I almost forgot! Here I was going to dive into the next blog post series on understanding the different levels of German learning (A1, A2, B1, etc.) and then it hit me--I forgot to tell you what's new this year!

Good things!


New Thing: German Diction Coachings!

Treble clefFor anyone who sings German music or sings in a choir that performs German music, this is for you! I've just introduced German Diction Coachings both in live coaching sessions and email coachings. These are very reasonable, a 30-minute coaching on your German pronunciation alone for $26 currently.

Das ist so einfach!

Be sure to read the German Diction Coaching page so you find out about my 20+ years of singing experience and read what other singers have learned in their sessions.


New Thing: Easy German Book Club!


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The pilot program for this book club is running now and everyone is *so* excited. Sie freuen sich so sehr! The first book we're using is an A1 level book with a fun adventure story and loads of Landeskunde (applied geography). The format for the book club is like this:

Step 1 (over 1-2 weeks): You purchase and read the book and make yourself any flashcards you might need for better understanding. 
Step 2: We meet for 1 hour and each participant shares one technique that helped her/him understand the book better. I give a little bit of homework.
Step 3: You re-read the book using the techniques from the other participants and do the homework.
Step 4: We meet, discuss, and chose another book/day/time.
All that...for $25 + book.
Keep an eye out on the newsletter for this announcement! Also, if you're not on the newsletter list yet, go ahead and sign up so you get the news when it's first sent out. Newsletter readers get announcements about new programs first!

And one more thing!

On July 1 of this year I'll be celebrating 5 years of business! I've got a few surprises in store, so if you needed another reason to get on the mailing list, das ist es!
All right, on to the series of blog posts that will help you figure out what your CEFR level is and what that "A1" and "A2" stand for on your book.
Schönes Wochenende!
~Ihre Nicole


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