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In Dankbarkeit

In Dankbarkeit With Gratitude

This post is called "In Dankbarkeit" (with gratitude or in thankfulness) because I am so very grateful for your presence here. You, yes, you, reading this post right now: Danke, dass Sie hier sind!

Dieses Jahr ist echt der Hammer! This year is truly awesome! So many wonderful things have happened. But that doesn't mean you know everything that has happened, because there hasn't been a lot of time dedicated to blogging these past few weeks or in those weeks when it was so active every day it seemed like there was hardly time to breathe.

Here are three of those things that have happened this year which simultaneously give you some insight into what goes on in this business "behind the blog."


1. Newsletter subscriptions have surpassed 1,000 readers.

Yes, there are well over 1,000 readers on the newsletters that I offer. The main ones are the "GermanWithNicole eNewsletter" and the "Blog Posts," which give you all the best information. And yet only the eNewsletter subscribers get surprise discounts that don't show up on the blog...

Having at least 1,000 people on your mailing list is an important stepping stone in an internet-based business because it shows that you've been around long enough to develop your business and that your readership takes you and your message seriously. It's the point at which joint partnerships start opening up because it's like you have serious street cred. But that doesn't change the fact that those 1,000 people were the first 1,000 people to sign up for your list. You are seriously valuable readers because you were here first!


2. ♥ I become an interpreter. ♥

This was the most impactful experience I had this year. One midday, I got a phone call from an interpreting agency who needed an interpreter ASAP. Two and a half weeks and dozens of hours of German-English/English-German interpreting later, I interpreted this interview for the family who had brought their child to Children's Hospital Milwaukee for surgery. This experience showed me the very, very humanitarian side of speaking a foreign language, creating a bridge of communication, of cultural understanding, and of human understanding. It also gave me a boost in confidence I needed to feel more comfortable branching out into interpreting. (I'll be adding that service to the website soon.)

It's a good idea to grab a tissue before you watch this video.

Click to watch the video on Fox6now.com


3. For the first time, all the lesson time slots are full. Alles besetzt!

 Juhu!! For the first time in 5 years all the lesson time slots are full. I like to say "It took 5 years, 4 months and 1,000s of cups of coffee, and I did it!" I'm really excited about all the lessons with these different clients who are learning German for very unique reasons.

  • One client is learning German so she can continue her education in Germany.
  • Another client is retired and finally has time to learn German.
  • Several clients learn German simply for the fun of it!
  • One new client is learning partially for her personal satisfaction and partially for family research purposes.

So why do you want to learn to speak German? For a hobby? Because it's always been a dream? Or even simply because you want to? There are so many wonderful reasons to learn German and I hope you get to follow your dream of pursuing German. If you're interested in lessons, get on the waiting list by filling out the form on the bottom of German Lessons.


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!



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