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No Time to Read the Book Club Book? No problem!

Easy German Book Club Gefahr am Strand

"Oh, Nicole, ich habe keine Zeit gehabt!

Ich muss noch das Buch für heute Abend lesen."

"Oh, Nicole, I haven't had any time.

I still have to read the book for tonight."

Warte mal! Wait!

You don't have to read the book before book club tonight. Even if you haven't read the book you can still come to Buchgemeinschaft. It's ok if you haven't read or finished the book. We'll talk about it, so it might give away parts of the book, but who cares?! It's not about the intricacy of the story, it's about reading a book in German!

Plus, here's the fun "homework" to go with the book:

  • visit a German website about the beach featured in the book and fill in a couple of numbers.
  • Watch 15 seconds of a video. (It's time-lapse and pretty cool.)
  • ein Kreuzworterätsel!!! (a crossword puzzle!)
  • read through a series of pictures from a German site and fill in the blanks.
  • a bonus exercise!

If you like numbers, then here are the applicable numbers for Buchgemeinschaft:

1 hour meeting tonight

1 hour reading & doing the "homework" (you have two full weeks)

1 hour meeting two weeks from tonight

3 hours for $25.

Das ist ein Schnäppchen!

All the fun you'll be having during the process? Unbezahlbar.


[button style="success" href="/events/sprechseminare-speaking-seminars/buchgemeinschaft-book-club/gefahr-am-strand" target="_blank"]Bis heute Abend![/button]


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Antonio Ahhing

I am starting to try to understand German I believe it will be fun.

Tony,  I go by Tony Ahhing

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