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Easy German Book Club Blinder Passagier

The next Buchgemeinschaft meeting begins next week on Dienstag, der 15. Mai. If you're interested in joining us, I invite you to check out the details below and in the event posting (click the button at the bottom).

Buchgemeinschaft is an easy-reader book club for clients at the A1-A2 levels of German. This month's story is Blinder Passagier, about a stow-away on a boat motoring down the Rhine River. The story has short chapters of just 1-3 pages and uses mainly the present tense. It's jam-packed with Landeskunde (applied geography) on the Rhine River and surrounding areas, plus it is a spannende Geschichte--a suspenseful story!

Blinder Passagier coverPeople who come to Buchgemeinschaft have different speaking abilities, so some folks speak only in German, some folks speak in a mix of German and English, and everybody really gives it their best shot.

Plus...homework created specifically for you by Nicole!

Es macht viel Spaß, diese Hausaufgaben zu machen! (It's really fun to do this homework!)

Here's what Michele has to say about Buchgemeinschaft:

"I really learned a lot from this book [Der Schatz von Hiddensee] because it uses words multiple times. It was easy to learn the word "langweilig" because it appears in the book often. The first time I read it for content and meaning, but the second time I had more enjoyment because I was reading more for pleasure. It went faster!"

Also klicken Sie hier to read more about Buchgemeinschaft:

Introducing: Easy German Book Club! «Buchgemeinschaft»
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