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Bach's B Minor Mass ... and Nicole's Other German Life

Bachs B Minor Mass and Nicoles Other German Life

If you didn't know yet, you should know that I am also a professional, classical singer and this week I'm off to sing some--surprise--German music! (OK, you're not surprised, I get it.) I'll be in Sioux Falls, South Dakota to sing Bach's B Minor Mass on April 22 and 23.

When I lived in Germany I sang with the Gächinger Kantorei, now renamed as the Gaechinger Cantorey, with the Bachakademie Stuttgart. At the time Helmuth Rilling, its founder, was conducting most of the pieces, and now it is lead by Hans-Christoph Rademann.

The Gaechinger Cantorey is actually touring this piece in the US right now, here is their schedule.

To learn more about the piece, check out this article from Classical Notes.

Also, if you enjoy Bach, I highly encourage you to listen to this Cantata I performed with the South Dakota Symphony Orchestra last January. It's German, it's Bach, it's wunderschön!

Bis nächste Woche!


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