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der Herbst

Here's a funny little ditty to spice up your autumnal celebrations! A song sung by tenor Boris Pohlmann (proud to say we sang together back in the day), accompanied by Peter Dicke.

It's an unusual song, as it's minimalistic--there is only minimal piano, minimal text, minimal singing. And it's a spoof on a song by German comedian Hape Kerkeling entitled "Hurz"!

so first, here is "Hurz"


der Wolf ... das Lamm ... HURZ!


The song from Boris and Herr Dicke is entitled "Frei nach Hape Kerkeling." "Frei nach" means they've re-created the song according to the original song by Hape Kerkeling. Also hier das Video von Boris und Herrn Dicke, "Herbst."


(Sorry it can't be imbedded, you'll have to watch it on YouTube.)

der Wind ... das Laub ... an den dürren Aesten ...

Boris' diction is fantastic--can you figure out the rest of the words? Comment below with your guess!


Viel Spaß dabei!



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